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Sound healing

1 hr

This session may take you to parts of yourself you didn’t know existed, releasing stuck emotions in the body It will help you release past traumas and reconnect with your higher self… As the mind calms and attention focuses, we surrender into the sound bath to full array of sacred instruments. Shamanic instruments will help with breaking the low frequencies of the aura and body, giving space for the vibrations of the Alchemy Bowls, they will sing you into a space of deep self love and reflection while the Traditional Tibetan Bowls will ground and relax the body through its sonic and deep vibrational resonance, allowing the store energy into the body to flow out of your system. Then surrendering into angelical chimes that will gently bring you back to your body.


1.5 hrs

High Vibration Breathwork. This class will activate your energy body, bringing balance to your chakras and creating space for a deeper connection to your Higher Self. Using the power of Breathwork - breathing in and out of the mouth, toning (vocalizing A), movement, and positive affirmations - this journey will release unexpressed, low-vibration emotions such as anger and sadness. You will move through old traumas, disempowering beliefs, and old stories. By learning to utilize a full, free, and flowing breath, you will raise your vibration and embody your highest potential. Once the Breath "work" is complete, the bliss of deep relaxation will wash over you while you are bathed in the healing sounds of shamanic instruments, alchemy singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and angelic chimes.


1 hr

Moving ourselves mindfully, stretching and strengthening our muscles for a better flow of energy. In this hatha flow we will be practicing breathing exercises (pranayama), that helps detoxifying the body bring you back to the present moment, reconnecting you with your wise body that is always trying to communicate with you. Flowing to Asanas (postures) that will help move stuck or store energy out of your system, they will also remind you how powerful you can be, bringing you to a state of gratitud. Ending with a delicious chavasana relaxation.